Olympia Sedation Dentistry

  • Sedation dentistry provides relief for dental anxiety & phobias

  • Dr. Suneet S. Bath is experienced in providing sedation options for our patients

  • Patients typically feel more relaxed about the procedure, both before and during

  • There are different types of sedation dentistry, our staff will go over all of the options during your consultation

There are many patients who arrive at their dental appointments accompanied by dread, anxiety and fears. Sometimes, a dentist may not even know just how stressed a patient is when they sit in that dental chair. At Impressions Dentistry, we want to lower your anxiety, free your fears and help you feel relaxed through any and every visit. We can help you feel more comfortable with sedation dentistry. Already working for many patients, sedation dentistry can help you face your dental fears. Maybe you don’t struggle with fear of the dentist, but are needing a lot of work done on your teeth. Sedation dentistry can also help your dentist accomplish a lot in just a few visits. We offer two types of sedation – nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Your dentist can help you determine which sedation method will work best for you. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is given by simply wearing a mask through treatment that provides sedation throughout the entire visit. The level of sedation can be adjusted throughout your visit as needed. You are also able to communicate with your dentist and listen to instructions throughout your appointment. The effects of nitrous oxide set in within minutes, helping you to feel completely at ease. Your appointment will be over before you know it and once you remove your mask, the effects of sedation will begin to wear away quickly. This allows you to resume your normal activities and not be hindered by side effects of sedation. You may remember little from your appointment as the nitrous oxide can make you relaxed and drowsy.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is given through a pill prior to the start of your appointment. A driver is needed to bring you to and from your visit. The oral sedation will last for hours and allows your dentist to accomplish a lot while you are completely comfortable. The effects of oral sedation can take a few hours to wear away completely after your visit. With oral sedation, you can face any visit free from anxiety or fears.

If you are in search of sedation dentistry in Olympia, WA, we would love to help you lay aside your dental fears. Call us today to schedule a free sedation consultation!