Olympia The HealthyStart System

If your child has difficulty breathing while they are awake or sleeping, the HealthyStart System may be able to help. This system is used to help their airways and jaws both grow and develop correctly. This treatment is non-invasive and safe. 

How does the HealthyStart System work?

The HealthyStart System is an orthodontic treatment that does not use surgery. It’s a natural way of utilizing a set of oral appliances a few hours every day to gradually help your child breathe easily. The oral appliances train your child to breathe through their nose, rather than their mouth while awake or sleeping by opening their airways.

By using this system, it can prevent your child from dealing with a future of trouble breathing due to sleeping disorders. It will also encourage them to have a better night of sleeping, aiding in their behavior, overall health and performance in school. The HealthyStart System also could prevent future extensive orthodontic treatment as it helps in straightening teeth and widening the jaw. 

If you are interested in learning more about the HealthyStart System in Olympia, WA, call our office for a consultation and find out if this system could help your child breathe easier.