Olympia KoR Teeth Whitening

  • We offer the best quality teeth whitening methods and products in the area

  • Tooth whitening is an affordable method to make your teeth look great and fast

  • Professional whitening typically far outperforms home whitening methods

  • There are many different types of whitening solutions to choose from, Dr. Suneet S. Bath will guide you through your options

  • Let a trusted, local top rated dentist give you the best looking white teeth at a fraction of the cost of other cosmetic dental procedures

One of the most dramatic and easiest dental transformations you can invest in is teeth whitening treatment. We are excited to offer KoR Whitening for our patients. With KoR Whitening you can see results up to 16 shades whiter! Remove years of staining and get back your smile! You will begin to see results within weeks and the results are made to last. 

KoR Whitening uses custom teeth whitening trays that won’t leave teeth sensitive. This treatment is both effective and safe. See results without damaging your teeth in the process. Over-the-counter whitening treatments can leave teeth sensitive and remove enamel. KoR Whitening trays can work very dramatically without any negative side effects. 

Why Consider Teeth Whitening?

  • Improved Confidence – With dramatically whiter teeth, you can enjoy a boost of confidence every time you smile!
  • Youthful Smile – Whitening can remove years of staining and discoloration from your teeth, giving you back your youthful smile.
  • Healthier Teeth – With the help of teeth whitening, stains are removed which will allow your teeth and gums to become stronger and healthier.
  • Proven Results – Many patients have seen an incredibly whiter smile after treatment, and you can too! With proven results, you can schedule whitening with confidence knowing the treatment will be effective.
  • Customized Trays – Trays made just for you will help contribute to an effective whitening process. With trays that fit your smile perfectly, you can rest assured that your entire smile will be covered! 

If you are in need of teeth whitening in Olympia, WA, let KoR Whitening make the difference in your smile! Call today to set up your teeth whitening appointment.