WET Science Center

WET Science Center

Located at 500 Adams St NE, Olympia, WA 98501. In Olympia, WA, the WET Science Center is a hands-on learning center that incorporates interactive computer games and displays about the water cycle. Specifically, the center focuses on wastewater treatment, reclaimed water use, and protection of Puget Sound. It offers educational programs for kids, as well as a virtual field trip for those who can’t get to the center in person. The exhibits include eight stations of investigation and a discretionary scrooer chase.

The exhibits also incorporate information about the nitrogen expulsion process, as well as information about water protection and the water cycle. In the words of the Center’s Director of Education, “This exhibit has a lot of educational information and is well worth the visit.” During your visit, you can participate in a scavenger hunt through the exhibit gallery. If you are interested in learning more about wastewater treatment and how it works, a tour of the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant is available. The Center has partnered with local schools to offer educational programs for children, and a program assistant is available to give presentations to visiting school groups. The Center has a lot of exciting ideas for future programs, and wants to help more families understand how important it is to conserve water and reclaim wastewater. Learn more.

The water education center is also designed to be a drop-in family facility. Children and their parents can mosey through the exhibit gallery while playing with water-related toys, such as a giant calculator. The exhibits also have a number of interactive activities that are designed to help families learn about the water cycle and its many uses. The Center has even developed an at-home science-based activity, which is a great way to teach kids about the water cycle.

The Center also has an Education Program team, which includes a full-time Environmental Educator who develops exhibits and educational programs. The program assistant is responsible for overseeing the hands-on exhibit gallery, assisting with school programs, and performing other duties as needed. The program assistant also works an extra few hours on the weekdays. This person has a flexible schedule and works with a variety of students in grades K-12, assisting with science-related activities. This volunteer is required to be a high school student and professional.

Interestingly, the Center has partnered with the Hands-On Children’s Museum, located in Tumwater, WA, to offer a special Saturday activity. The museum features a number of fun interactive exhibits, including the largest aquarium in Washington state. The Museum has an outdoor area, which is ideal for rainy day activities. The exhibits are meant to be self-guided, but there are also mini-guided tours available.

In addition to its hands-on exhibits, the WET Science Center offers a number of other interactive programs. For instance, the Center offers a virtual field trip, which is a great way to learn about wastewater treatment in a virtual setting. Another interactive program is the Scientists on the Go, a weekly program that explores the natural world and teaches children the skills they need to become the next great scientist. Next article.